The corporeidade is all that must be taken in consideration. the corporeidade sends for a person, linked to other people and others seres’ ‘. (MOSER, 2001, 9) It is accurately therefore that we cannot simply contenting in them with the interpretations that biology already took in them and that it will take in them to conclude on the subject. It is basic to understand that to speak of sexuality it is to speak consequentemente of society. It is inside of this aspect that would like to touch in subjects that nor always are divulged and as these subjects if they associate with the ideologies that if they so quickly spread out in the society.

I want to dedicate as a chapter to this subject. But the human being is not simply social body. If the also express sexuality inside of what we could call body spiritual, therefore what it configures the corporeidade of the individual is the soul. It is inside of this field that we will touch in subjects as affectivity, feelings, capacity to love and to hate. It is in the perspective of the love that we understand the direction of the sexuality.

I make votes that these texts serve as light to illuminate the head of much people for there. that above all, this illumination serves exactly for one better understanding of itself, and using of honesty I obtain exactly, my reader obtains to identify to its weaknesses and its potentialities. But above all, that my reader has light stops in this way of its auto-knowing, to establish ways of overcoming that the light one to the happiness.

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