Accessories Hookah

First, there are two types of connections with the mine bulb: using thread and using rubber seal. The first allows you to easily transfer a hookah, holding the top part, but the constant use of hookah thread will eventually wear out. The second calls for caution – to transfer a device for smoking only holding the bulb, but with further trouble is not expected: in a pinch, you can replace the weatherstrip. Secondly, the size of the hookah may also be different. If the future owner is this lover of fragrant smoke, you should take the device is 50 cm and above.

If the hookah is more decorations, you can choose "compact" version, about 30 cm in the third, hookahs are one, two, three and even four hose. Mnogotrubochnye models are useful in the company of several people, and if the one who is present, a sociable person, it is better to pay attention on a hookah. How to add gift tongs for placing in a cup of tobacco is usually included, but everything else will have to buy separately. Of course, the gift will be particularly pleasing when it is immediately possible to "test". It is therefore better to present a box set: hookah, tobacco, and coal. And if the choice of coal is no problem, the variety of flavors of tobacco often leads to confusion. If you do not know the preferences of the one who designed a gift, you can stop on the option "two apples." His gentle neutral taste usually likes everyone.

Hookah Accessories Hookah, presented to a colleague, boss or business partner could be just the first step in a series of VIP-gifts. By the next holiday you will not need to rack their brains over what to give. Choose a stylish case, which will take a hookah with him at a campaign visit, a trip out of town or on vacation.

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