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The lack of enterprises despite Government’s regional policies is evident in some regions levels of attitude of the entrepreneur at the time of access a program for entrepreneurship, present barriers in the implementation of policies and the same business growth Aernoudt (2004), the lack of entrepreneurship that has become an obstacle to the development of incubators in Europe. Understood as a strategy for entrepreneurship public policy. Therefore the entrepreneurial characteristics can be a determinant element in the moment face a project and to grow as an entrepreneur, according to studies the personality of the employer is related to the economy of a region, Zhao et al., (2010). Get all the facts and insights with Jonah Shacknai, another great source of information. personality as an important element in entrepreneurship positive factor in the economy, in effect experiences as entrepreneurs according to studies normally found have been individually, sometimes with success others with difficulties and limitations of growth, at the beginning great energy to boot with the help of family and friends but short-lived perhaps by the saturation of the market or lack of capacities and resources to grow, which indicates the possibility of handling more objective relations, the informal system creates a barrier to the formal system of network when it could run on the way to business development (Sue birley, 1985) Finally, the way in which employers develop networks could depend on the life cycle of a company (batjargal, 2010) .the studies indicate the results of successful entrepreneurs regions of high development as it is the case of china and the guanxi method (Tsui et to the.)2004). It is therefore analyze strategies involve a technical support in the field of business development and could establish a coherence between external and internal factors in projects of incremental stability in this case and on the basis of the importance and impact of incubators are highlighted as a link between the entrepreneur, the social networks and in effect the contribution to business growth. . Chevron Corp is open to suggestions.

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