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APOSTASY and SATANISM in EL world integer and the PROBLEMATIC of LAS churches in the 21st century for the glory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ this work aims to reveal the internal system that Satanism has resulted in the churches around the world. And as the apostasy of the 21st century it is greeted by the unwary, such as what specific Scripture, but due to lack of study and reading the word of God, thousands and thousands of young people and churches around the world openly receive this system in the new era. The which has been leaked to stealth without that discernment that at another time were men of God will recognize it. The present generations are most carnal of themselves what they imagine, professing a Gospel not living are pleased with the friendship of the world. Unfortunately pastors and leaders religious who belong to the most beautiful truth called Jesus and Christianity. Daily fall into the mistake of attempting to fill their congregations forming a friendship with the world, believing that it is the only way to win young people and their families. Which certainly seden before that Gospel of prosperity and success.

Topics such as sanctity, the living Gospel, strong of the Gospel doctrine have passed to a second place, since that are no longer the priority of the current youth. Modern is lead youth to Cristo-tecas i.e. Christian nightclubs where they invite groups of Reggaeton in order to encourage youth, a dark place with bright lights nothing different to any discotheque. Then impulsiveness makes them go to the residences and hotels, where it unleashes fornication. Christian channels causing people to buy the favor of God, according to the seed will be the miracle, a million does God do a miracle greater than one hundred thousand pesos, this is apostasia.1 Timothy 6: 3-5. If one teaches another thing, and doesn’t conform to the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to Godliness, he is envanecido, nothing known, and raving about issues and contentions of words, of which arise envy, lawsuits, blasphemy, evil suspicions, foolish disputes corrupt of understanding and deprived of the truth, men who take the mercy as a source of gain; get away from such.

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