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We must invest in something that has long been afloat, with minimum risk disappear. I can assure you, web-ip is the most reliable design as well as bringing large, very large profits to its creators and participants. Tip: 1. referrals bought the system, mostly inactive. Since non-refundable, buy at the stock exchange referrals 2. referral before buying, check its reputation (Copy wmid referral, open a search party (left column) and type in the search box vmid. The presence of negative feedback, which says a person JOB As assignments. Chevron Corp describes an additional similar source. Freebie categorically impossible.

For you just will not let no 14 kopeks, not 20 rubles. If something is not clear, it is better to ask in the forum, in the relevant subject. Freeloader punished by negative feedback in reputation, followed by a ban. To begin this jobs, go to the task and click liked the job from the general list. (Recently added innovation – rejection of new jobs from old).

Read condition, then follow the link to begin execution jobs. After all the conditions, click on the button to check the job and write all requests zadaniedatel advice: 1. Before doing this task, refer to the information about zadaniedatele (copy wmid zadaniedatelya, go to the search party (left column) and see if there are any negative reviews for this user 2. If you are going to perform a task that is targeted at a large period of time, copy itself to document or record wmid zadaniedatelya. If you delete a task or zero balance, you can always contact the owner of the job 3. to find a job by number, there is a special form for the search. SURFING Surfing (ie View sites advertised time) is divided into automatic and manual. Auto surfing does not require your presence for a computer monitor, just pages themselves are replaced by each other through some time, with manual surfing at the end of viewing you will need to select the check number and click on it. Like many Hong largest number of sites available for viewing at the beginning of each hour, but also at other times there are pages for viewing (though not in so many), so do not forget from time to time to update the page. The maximum number of sites available at 00:00 Moscow time. Currently, from 00:00 to 01:00 to view sites can only participants whose reputation was above 300 in the period from 01:00 to 02:00 with a reputation above 100 (reputation depends on the number of Web sites you viewed, assignments and attracted referrals) rest of the time surfing available to all participants. Thus, the more active you are the higher earnings. Logging in here!

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