Walter Surmay

If people dedicated themselves to show what truly she is, perhaps many like I or you, do not tomarian the so pathetic work often to unmask people ilusas and so of little cerebral matter, able to invent alternating and parallel lives to a far distant and sadly certain reality, as to many it happens to them. to draw attention of anybody, does not do a photo, one individual watched at the chamber, commentaries modern and showy phrases, makes be able to face the truth, painful and real, to present/display a moderately humble person and to know clearly that not who sera important in your life, tendra first that to fall in love with the image prefabricated and cooked of awhile of diversion. lamentably, we are thus, is the plastic life, the one that depends on the image which you project, so that when you really have defined your way to be, not sera, the adulantes commentaries and outside context those that raises autestima to you. Walter Surmay – LGBT Caribbean Region ” Other sun glasses, the glance to the front and the straight face, a song of Madonna and the conviction that forgets to you today are part of the history of your pasado” * I clarify, I am not facist, is an irony, for those who does not know this I finish and as this types of expressions are handled..

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