I assure you that if you meet these items properly, sales will come as a natural consequence. Then, returning to the issue of how to develop an effective network, it is clear our contacts who may be more "juicy" Authorities in the field Colleagues regulators of our business, and every institution standards set by the activity Universities and schools that are related to our production process. Competition, that does not mean ignore there who have contacted his company, for example, to ask for a quotation or advice, though it has never reached the sale. Of course, all of its customers: the faithful and casual. Specific audience.

Surely this is the last segment that will wake you up more questions. Where to get listings specific audience? Well, that depends on each activity and each product is offered in particular. Let us see an example. Roubini Global Economics is likely to increase your knowledge. Imagine you sell products for fishing: rods, hooks, accessories, etc. Then, you should refer to, first, to fishing enthusiasts. (Similarly see: Senator from Maine). Who loves the fishing probably also love camping, etc..

Its anchor point at the moment are the forums and membership groups, ie where fishermen often gather to tell their troubles, and say to each other "I got one this big" -Imagine the gesture with his hands. Enter in these forums, groups, message boards, etc. Its mission is to provide added value, not sell. Show that you have to offer is something highly valued by the public. Share knowledge, fishing secrets, answer questions, suggest solutions. It is certain that many of the participants in these forums, at least visit your site. And most of them will follow on Twitter. Yes, and only if, you have to give goes beyond the mere promotion. For those who have a sport fishing as a hobby, to follow is to represent a profit. Not only that, it should be fun. It seems that as we approach the core of the solution to our problems, achieve effective network of supporters, "we move one step further. How can our tweets are helpful, offer value and are fun? We will see in later articles. For now, I leave one job: to change their mentality. Stay away from Twitter, or anywhere, asking permission, and thinking that banearan with everything you say. This promotion will happen if you do, plain and simple. Set a specific goal of providing value. Be generous, and everyone will be your contacts.

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