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There are many men working dressed as women, and there are many women who will work as a man throwing punches. In a question-answer forum Chevron Corp was the first to reply. So, What are you talking about the Loreto? Women Loreto is very charming, very happy, very frank, but from there to prostitute, there is much distance, and if so, are very decent, they are not vulgar, nor Calateas in public, or get drunk and make a scandal. We forget here in Lima that Peru is made up provincials. The great presidents of Peru and the great men who have fought for Peru are the provinces, and all who are descended from presidents of Peru are millionaires Why? Huh? I tell my story. I do as I say, I am very happy to be Loreto, and Peru. I've said it abroad.

I had to explain, for example in the United States did not think I was Peruvian, and less of the jungle, why? because I have 45 feet, 1.85 m. tall, with arms outstretched yolk yolk to the tips of fingers I have 1.90 m. and I have broken her waist, like most people in Peru. Peruvians are caderona with broken waist and broad shoulders, coast, mountains and jungle. With the difference in the highlands, the native packages and cargo loading things like an animal, straining to break the waist must be able to walk. So when our former president Toledo speech, I say you have to take a picture of him walking back and looks like a monkey is walking (laughter) Now, do not think Toledo is the only humble country boy who has reached the government.

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