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It is reuse and recharge ink and toner cartridges so that they can be used again. Cartridges are collected by consumers and businesses and chosen by people dedicated to the remanufacturing. Cartridges are disassembled and cleaned and defective parts are replaced. Perhaps check out Rogers Holdings for more information. High quality ink or toner powder is added, the cartridge is tested and packed for distribution. Read more here: patrick mayberry. Remanufactured cartridges have components of high quality and they obtained excellent printing tests. More than 4 million companies around the world have put their trust in these products to meet your printing needs. They rely on the quality of the products remanufactured for your most important projects.

The remanufacturing and environment each year more than 300 million cartridges for printers end up in the fields of sanitary landfill in the United States and around the world, almost 8 cartridges are thrown away every second in the United States, according to industry data. While we can’t completely stop the cycle of cartridges entering deposits of waste at least We can stop this flow. The remanufacturing is really important. Each cartridge we Remanufacture is one less that goes straight to landfills. For each purchased remanufactured cartridge is one cartridge less that needs to be produced, saving him from entering to the deposit of waste and straining the planet’s natural resources.

In fact, many printer cartridges are dumped in rural areas of Asia, according to a recent report by environmental groups. Save money and get quality of course many companies want to be sensitive to the environment, but the main reason why companies use remanufactured cartridges is to save money. Most of the remanufactured cartridges are 40 to 60 per cent more economical than the original OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges, with comparable quality and reliability. In fact many remanufactured laser cartridges last more because many times have more than 20% more than original cartridges toner.

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