Tony Tiger

Dressed good people and fixed immediately accentuate the values of the amiability, the honesty, sophistication, talent and intelligence. If people appear young person and is contiguous assigns the characteristic to him to have an active sexual life. But taken care of at the time of using beautiful women and sexual stereotypes for his announcements, he remembers that to draw attention of the consumer he does not mean that this is going to buy its product. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jim Rogers . He recommends himself to use erotic models and sexual images/when the product this relating directly to the romance, the love, the passion and the beauty. Simply he pregntese I want that the values that the consumer gives a beautiful woman him assign product to him. The image segments.

A publicity must be oriented a determined public, but in the case of wanting to include a little more does not use own characteristics of a geographic place, culture or some element that identify a group of specific people so that automatically the rest not only was not identified, but it will feel displaced. The consumer identifies itself with the image of the publicity for that reason he is not recommended to use models that represent a ethnic minority. Taken care of with the film actors and model top. Taken care of at the time of choosing an actor or model like face of our product, all individuals, bad and good they will be associated to our product. Today he can be the best tennis player, tomorrow a drug addict and in the mind of the consumer the association is for always, or until he campaigns advertising very or managed to relate his product to another thing or person. The force and intelligence of the Tony Tiger (Tone). Payado of McDonalds so loved by the children of the United States, in hates it here to Latin America and until it is scared to him.

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