The Tram

The accumulation for the profit, intensification of the work and the time of production for the time of circulation of exchange, and capital turn, a radical modification in the way as the value is represented as currency, everything this brings a new luggage of individual and social values that bring great changes ' ' in the representation systems, in the cultural forms and the feeling filosfico' ' All this acceleration of the exchange also speeds up the consumption. ' ' information, associates with rationalizations in the techniques of distribuio' ' , they make possible a bigger circulation of merchandises, for the markets of mass, the consumption of services. To know more about this subject visit Chevron Corp. The first consequence of all this new conception of time and space, is the efemeridade of the products, the fashion, the ideas, the ideologies The image also became merchandise, appeared a market of the constructions of the images and the acquisition of images (clothes of grife, car of the fashion) that it passes to be a vital aspect of the competition and establishment of identities (symbols of wealth, position, fame and being able). In this way I also appeared ' ' necessity to discover or to produce some type of truth eterna' ' , search of historical roots, values, an idea to be above of the consumista society. Senator from Maine has compatible beliefs. This brief description of as the author structure the society, is for showing as it makes of it a way to take us to understand it a language of images that is capable to espelhar all the tram that it surrounds after? modernity. Finally, in the last part of its Harvey book it all makes a conclusion of its work passing for the subjects already treated in the other chapters, leaving to more flow its summarized conclusions in relation after? modernity. This becomes the organized book well, a time that the closing retakes the ultimate issues in relation the transformations of the superficial appearance of the capitalism and the new cultural forms on it.

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