The Performance

Creation of teams to multidiscipline, where each one would be responsible for all the stages of one same process. Implantation of evaluation of performance in the model 360, therefore this model provides one better feedback and still it diminishes the possibility of distortions caused for criteria very subjective, or distorted for differences common politics or ideological in the evaluations unilateral. Meritocrtico implantation immediate of career. Considering some peculiarities of public company, we see as a viable suggestion, the alteration of the criteria for level ascension and wage classroom. Today the criteria if base only on the time of service and the academic formation that many times is incompatible with the played function. The suggestion would be the use of the punctuation gotten in the performance evaluation as criterion for professional ascension.

Definition of criteria technician for indication of employees for management of Units of Sanitation and you command of departments. 1.CONSIDERAES FINAL We perceive through the analysis of the institution, that the human factors of the organizacional behavior are a way of double hand: They are the people who give to life the companies, impersonate who them. It is through its employees who we will form our opinion on one determinda company and that we will know its values. On the other hand, the people also are influenced by the half organizacional. The pepis that we play in the work depend on what it expects of us and of how much we are made use to subject our values to these espectativas. We notice through this study that the new employees are influenced by the common sense of the company (the negatives and the positives), before they obtain to influence it. It is common that new contracted ideas and expectations arrive full of, however with the time, to perceive that to change 45 years of history being molded customs is not a very easy task.

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