The Most

Anyone, even the most powerful billionaire or a political leader, speaking out against the "system" in the twinkling of an eye turns out to be poor, outcast, all his power and financial strength like a house of cards. Such a punitive action mechanism of the future. In addition, "PEC" will be the individual cards, and nobody can use it except you, for example, in case of loss, because it will be tied to your biometrics, and will not function in the wrong hands. In the next stage, when the "PEC" proves its convenience, efficiency and great benefit to "winning" the whole world, it will be replaced by microchip with an even more advanced features that will be implanted into the human body at birth and interact with all around the world. But we'll talk about later. V. No rights! It becomes clear that the power Today more and more concentrated in the hands of those who control information, and the authorities are able to prevent any attempt to resist in the bud.

Now, very simply, the task to prevent and identify potential social crises, as well as facilitated the development of programs to create and manage artificial crisis, when they are needed to solve specific problems in economic and political life. Mistrust and divisions between people will increase over time more and more. This will contribute not only to modern technology, but proven methods for centuries. For example, the fear of informers, makes people more afraid to speak frankly, that entails the separation, atomization of society.

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