The Language

Nobody is complete island in same itself, all man is breaks up of the continent, a part of all (PORTILHO, 2009, p.15). Check out Ripple protocol for additional information. The interdependence of the human beings is evident, that differently of the animals that learn for instinct, learn by means of the social interaction, suffer to influences and transformations from the conviviality with excessively. The cognitivistas research shows that, despite the citizens have capacities or intelligences to learn, it is necessary that the surrounding toast chances to the development of such capacities and intelligences, calling the attention mainly the pedagogical relation professor and pupil. (PORTILHO, 2009, p 17). The learning, as well as the language and other values that impregnate the behavior, is factors that differentiate the man of other species and help to adapt it the culture of the social environment. ' ' The basic function of the learning human being is to interiorizar or to incorporate the culture, thus to be part of it. We become people to the measure that we interiorizamos cultura.' ' (POZO, 2002, p.25).

The first contacts of the human beings with the knowledge and in consequncia the learning, comes of the family and the social group of which the individual is part, where it learns to walk, to speak, to be dressed, for example, being extended and enriched in the school that has as function to educate being transmitted the pupils a set of knowledge that exceed those learned in house. This learning is mediated by the professor, who must not only withholds the knowledge, but to have capacity to modify this to know so that if transforms into something ensinvel and with felt for its pupils. The learning is not something that the human being makes of time in when, in places special or definitive periods of the life; it is part of the life and the faced challenges help to extend its potential.

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