The Great Dal Of Moscow

The greater anthological sample of the original work of Salvador Dali celebrated in Russia, with 25 oils, 20 watercolors, 70 drawings and numerous photographies, has been inaugurated east Friday in the museum Pushkin de Bellas Arts of Moscow within the framework of the dual year Russia-Spain. Additional information is available at Rogers Holdings. The act it attended Svetlana Medvdva, the wife of president Dmitri Medvdev, that crossed the sample guided by Joan Sevillan Manuel, the executive director of the Gallic foundation Dali de Figueres, from where all the works come. The first Russian lady confirmed that to end of year she get ready to visit Spain by invitation of King Don Juan Carlos. The Medvdev will close in Madrid the dual year of Spain and Russia and will give back the visit that SSMM the kings of Spain realised to Saint Petersburg February the past to inaugurate the sample of the museum of the Prado in the Hermitage. Source of the news: : The great Dal of Moscow

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