Gods and the evil are two unquestionable values of the humanity, but the compatibility of with one another is questioned, takes me to this to want to know if in fact it occurs or not, in case that positive, I will have that to decide if the two they exist. Being God for definition the all powerful being not bred and, nothing exists that it is not on the look of it, and, all the things are of it dependents. In affirming that it has compatibility, being creative God of all the things, as then will be able to have compatibility enter the existence of God and the existence of the Evil? Since being God the supreme one well, could not also have bred the evil. God would not be onipotente, therefore he would have at least a thing not created for it: the evil. In negative case, the same problem if places, in the relation between the divine qualities and the problem of the evil, appears to the difficulty of if conciliating the existence of an utmost good being, onipotente and onisciente with the existence of the evil, as much in the nature as in the morality. Here I will go to confirm this compatibility enters the existence of God and existence of the Evil, although to be God onipotente and onisciente, concludes that a creation of God is not the evil.

Being the man its creature and its creative, possessing similarity of being also of free will, are the evil created by the man. Leaving of the premise of that cosmo has an order to affirm that God exists. to characterize the way for which the physical and material world functions of form to extract from there a base to base the existence of God, one of the basic conclusions of this premise is its strong connection with the historical development of the knowledge and science. I think this because, God created the man and in the limitation of the freedom of this man of who it is the cause biggest of the existence of the evil, could not be this badly compatible with the existence of God, therefore IT could not create something of bad if IT is a God alone of goodness. The evil is above all is the result of the action of the man in virtue of its exempts will. being thus, the existence of the evil must it the bad use of this freedom that God it it granted. being the human being a free agent, must be admitted that the freedom causes the possibility of if making the evil not only and the good. ' ' God would allow the evil because he would have chosen to create the man as free agent instead of an automaton without being able of deciso' '. The evil freely opposes is it of the good practised for the man without asking for to authorization the God who created freely it.

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