The Economy

In the foreground are primarily metals such as copper, lead, steel or nickel. After the recent collapse of the economy, even these prices are massively come under pressure from their peaks. Burglarized demand, the production had to be throttled, what will have but disastrous consequences when the economy again. As soon as the demand for these metals rises again, the demand by throttling the production, will far exceed offering, what ultimately will cause that metal prices will explode and attracts the inflation! To take advantage of the opportunities from increasing industrial metals are also unlimited. To put one very good way is our opinion on the ETCs by etfsecurities”.

As soon as inflation shoots again by leaps and bounds in the height, it will be too late, because then inflation is already started. Most importantly, that you can enjoy the above and just write how we for weeks and months, you have to set on gold and the gold price Since then firmly set to has, we now write that you must bet on commodities and property to protect his money from a potential devaluation. The team of offers a variety of professional assistance and tips in the form of free and low-cost newsletters. The main focus is on shares and retail investors and new investors to show that you can make money in the stock market in the long term. It is important that the guidelines be followed.

In any other form of investment, so many mistakes are made in shares. This idea led to the simple conclusion that it is hardly possible for private investors and newcomers without professional help to achieve above-average gains in the stock market in the long term. This certainty led to the extension of the procedure of Several times a week, the stock market is evaluated and compiled in decision-relevant information summaries in different exchange letters (e.g. and).

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