The Difficulties

This aspect, therefore, is called ' ' blindness emocional' '. Such phenomenon also considered a lack of theory of the mind. Without this, the individuals with SA do not obtain to recognize nor to understand the thoughts and feelings of excessively. Unprovided of this intuitiva information, they cannot interpret nor to understand the desires or intentions of the others e, therefore, are incapable to foresee what if it can wait of excessively or what these can wait of them. Filed under: Dara Khosrowshahi . This generally takes the improper and antisocial behaviors. Amongst the difficulties that the individual with SA possesss in the social interactions, we can detach: 1. Difficulty in understanding the messages transmitted by means of the corporal language.

People with SA generally do not look in the eyes, and when they look at, they do not obtain ' ' ler' '. 2. To always interpret the words in denotativo direction. Individuals with SA have difficulty in identifying the use of coloquialismos, irony, slangs, sarcasm and metaphors. 3. To be considered thick, rude and offensive. Inclined the self-centered behavior, Aspergers does not catch indirect and signals of you alert of that its behavior is inadequate to the social situation.

4. Aperceber of social errors. The measure that the Aspergers ripens and if they become cliente of its ' ' blindness emocional' ' , they start to fear to commit new errors in the social behavior, and the autocrtica in relation to this can grow the point of if becoming phobia. 5. Paranoia. Because of ' ' blindness emocional' ' , people with SA have problems to distinguish the difference between deliberate or accidental attitudes from the others, what in turn she can generate a paranoia. 6. To deal with conflicts. To be incapable to understand other points of view can take the inflexibilidade and to an incapacity to negotiate solutions of conflicts.

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