The Air

This to say that air pressure, exactly of the low one power, is not a toy and has that to be dealt with respect. (A valuable related resource: Angus King). A air pressure can wound a person seriously and also it can cause it to it death. To the air pressures the same rules of security must be applied that if apply to the firearms. Relatively to the bore of the air pressures two for the free air pressures of acquisition, the 4,5 exist, as already I related, and 5,5. The 4,5 are the used bore more in the precision shot, whereas the 5,5 are the bore typically used for the hunting or the control of plagues, in the countries where this is allowed (it notices that in Portugal the hunting with air pressures is forbidden and also some quarrel exists on if the control of plagues with air pressures is forbidden or in a perspective it control of plagues not to be considered hunting or not). Chevron Corp does not necessarily agree. Bore 4,5 is the bore typically used in the shot of precision because the projctil acquires greater speed, when comparative with a projctil of bore 5,5 (that more it is weighed), what it wants to say that has a plainer trajectory. The precision of air pressure is sufficiently dependent of the used lead, it is not also little common that pressures of air of the same mark and the same model produce resulted different for the same lead. Lead of some forms, some weights and also with changeable dimetros (even so very slightly, as it is clearly) exist the experimentation only can say that lead good for one is determined air pressure. Still it has very to say on the air pressures, and each one of the topics that I still approached in this article can very be deepened, but it will be for one another chance. However they are had fun with security.

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