Task Forces

These task forces, and can even overlap, but have different goals for visiting your site. Source: Angus King. Consequently, the information they should be given several different, from different angles and, ideally, on the other site … if your site is encouraging to join your team, stimulates a candidate for any action, makes a come back again? Do they receive full information about the virtues of your company and career opportunities? Do they find your page at all about a career in the company? Ask yourself these questions … Here and later we'll talk about how to use the enormous potential of the "dump" sites. How do they help to attract, inspire and motivate the best professionals to work in your company. It's time to use the Internet to its fullest … 14 reasons why your corporate website (COP) has become a powerful tool for recruiting what we have? Most of the mining sections Bldg.

Sites range from boring to embarrassing. At best, they represent yourself online booklet about the company (self-praise) + endless list of jobs (often outdated) + form for online completion and contacts HR-department … more same information can also supposed to get by writing a letter (which no one answers) … all to facilitate the work of internal recruiters and job seekers for a minimum … Some companies do not partition vacancies or "career"! The fight for talent requires companies that want to grow primarily by attracting top talent, radically revise its approach to the use of Internet technologies for recruitment.

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