Tarot Tales

It is in this case to figure out what to do in such situations consultation, specifically in the tarot of love, which revealed the secrets do not match what the client wants to hear. The best, in all cases, is to act wisely, and listen to the message destination. Most consultants come to the circulation of the tarot of love with the hope that the secrets to tell them everything they want to hear: they are the right person, who loves them beyond human understanding, and to be together forever. But what happens when the message of the tarot of love is not what we want to hear? First, if the client has decided to go to a circulation of tarot of love is just to tell you the truth, even if it hurts. Otherwise, do not understand the fact of seeking a professional, the best you can find, pay for a service, to be told lies.

Somehow, the mental or professional tarotista is like a nutritionist. Think, do you have any sense to seek a consultation with a professional to tell us "how thin you are," when in fact we have several extra kilos? If we seek help, is to show us the weaknesses of our lives, and so to progress, change what makes us evil. This would be the one pulling of tarot of love as an opportunity for change. There are mysteries that undoubtedly bring bad omens. Not really bad omen in itself, but describe a reality that is not exactly what we want. When the tarot of love leaves the tower, especially inverted, one could say that there is no future for this couple. The separation is clearer in the future, however much we weigh.

But perhaps for the better. Perhaps we fear being alone, but when we are free from the link that binds us badly, we might find the peace that our life needs. Another letter that tells us that things are not going well in the tarot of love is the Priestess reversed. In most cases it leaves revealed in the tarot of love implies that there is an umpire, hidden, things not look, but eventually come to light. Is not it much more positive, clearly, the power to know in advance, hoping the other person to tell us? The tarot of love, and all other variants of runs, give us the opportunity to begin again, worse than leaving the arcane. Not everything is completely lost. The best way, then, to deal with a circulation of tarot of love is with an open mind and breadth of criteria necessary to know what the tarotista has to say, without doubt, will be to our benefit. Knowledge is up to us to interpret it, and to capitalize on the best way. Jesus Ontivero

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