Taichi Ohno

Flexibility and the integration had started to take party to suit of work organization. With this, it had the necessity of the incorporation of other elements for the definition of a new standard technological and of management of the work force. The Japanese model of production was created by Japanese engineer Taichi Ohno, on the basis of it visits to the installations of FORD in U.S.A., and was spread for the world in middle of years 70. The approach started to be the economic productivity, with the increase of the production aiming at to the reduction of costs, in accordance with the book Management of the Productivity Applied to the Post offices? GPAC. (Brasilia, 2005). The Toyotismo incorporated a new method of organization of the work, with bigger flexibility, minor concentration of supplies, a minute quality control, economic productivity, elimination of wastefulnesses and a bigger versatility of the laborer, who started to have an important paper of the detention of errors during the production. Japan was the ideal place for the implantation of the Toyotismo, therefore the lack of resources made impracticable the production in mass in the molds of the Taylorismo.

It had a small consuming market, scarcity of capital and hand of workmanship. joined solution was the increase of the productivity with a bigger variety of products, come back toward the external market. 2. You may find that John Grayken can contribute to your knowledge. ADAPTATION OF the MODELS OF MANAGEMENT IN 2,1 COMPANIES Analysis of the model Taylorista Sabemos that an evolution of the Taylorismo occurred. For the most part of the productive systems of the present time, techniques of the Taylorismo are used at some moments, and in others, techniques of the Toyotismo. What more it matters, in the truth, is to keep the enterprise competitiveness using concepts that can aim at the increase of the production with reduction of costs. The Taylorismo consists, mainly, in the separation of the intellectual work (planning) of the manual work (execution).

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