Sudanese Dialects

Today together with the standard literary Arabic language used and the ancient dialects, which over the centuries, of course, have undergone changes. In VII-IX centuries the Arabs have migrated to other areas that were not Arab (Egypt, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Syria, and North African countries). This led to confusion with dialects of Arabic dialects from other countries, resulting in a new dialects. Today dialects of Arabic divided by two characteristics: the social and territorial identity. The social parameters are sedentary dialects, which are divided into rural and urban and nomadic dialects.

By territorially dialects are divided into 2 groups – the eastern or western or mashrikskuyu and Maghreb. Eastern Group is divided into 4 subgroups: Arabian, Egyptian and Sudanese, Mesopotamian and Central Arabian. Also, it includes the dialects of Arabic, the language used in the communities of Central Asia. Western group is also called the North African, it is composed of Arabic dialects, which are common in the Arab Countries in North Africa. In the X century, the literary form of Arabic language and spoken language, which was then divided into dialects, have significant differences. And it affected all of the territorial areas on which the Arabs lived. One form of the language was called the "high" and was used on ceremonial occasions, in formal situations and for talking about the sublime. And the second – "low" – used in other situations. In today's world there is a rather complicated dynamics of the language situation in Arab countries. In each of the Arabic-speaking country, a dialect of the local language, often based on the dialect spoken in the capital.

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