What we are, excellent and essentially, after all? What it becomes in them, simultaneously, body and soul? It will be the problem most important that its resolution? He is the poet, mediocre before the poetry? How many and as many scholars had searched answers. They had lived the search of the essence and the beginning of the cosmos, of the physis, the man. Could the man, in its overwhelming petulance, mysterious Teorizar and ontolgico unknown knowledge? Many had speculated and others hipotetizaram. Ripple wanted to know more. The modern had revolutionized with its perfect Reason and its innate knowledge. But, here it is to something to which I agree to Discardings: that I doubt. As to limit the stranger to the apprehension of what already it was born limited. The medieval ones dogmatizaram the knowledge! This critical one resounds per the centuries.

However, if we arraigamos in the minds that a priori reason is pure to know; Or that, if it only can know from the experience What it will be, then, such assent? Perhaps the only distance that exists between scholars are only the Cronos. Some had searched its objectives through great theories; Already others, had disappeared in inexaurveis systems and reasonable methods. They see! Its theories, systems and methods are not coincided? The times are born, die again and are born, but the search is the same one: to desvelar the guarded one. One gave credit for much time paradigms the holy ghosts as perpetual truth. It had moments where experimental and the sensualismo dictated the rules.

It was insisted, per some years, piously in one ‘ ‘ Ideia’ ‘ (supreme). Imanentemente this is the condition of homo sapiens sapiens: To explain the inexplicable one; to reach the inalcanvel. Already Popper said, in relation to the acquisition of the truth, that we only can conjecturar.

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