State Way

The first factor that justifies the presence of the State in the health does not only elapse of the sped up incorporation of new technologies and, in Brazil of the relative cartelizao of the sector as well as the covering the segments still desassistidos e, to reduce the access inaqualities. Exactly when it is not recognized as right social universal, the presence of the State in the field of the health if imposes as necessary action for preservation and replacement of the force of agricultural work has been increasing in the second half of century XX. Perhaps check out Bob Jones for more information. However, in the capitalist way of production of the social life, the capitalist classroom withholds them to be able economic politician and, determining, all the social life. Hear other arguments on the topic with Michael Mendes. It has that to consider itself basically that in a democratic capitalist society, some aspects of the social life are determined collectively, to those decisions that do not imply in substantial changes in the production way. A production way that if it establishes in the inaquality and the exploration of the work force.

A production way where the politics is the politics defined for the ruling classes and that it answers to its interests. The functioning of the administrative institutions of the State emanates of a conception of the relation individual-society based on one positivista perspective, of a natural order, where the existence of the differences and the social inaqualities is presented as inherent phenomena to the nature human being. Thus, the creation of the social rights in Brazil results of the fight of classrooms and express the correlation of predominant forces, the social rights, over all working and previdencirias, is guidelines of claims of the movements and manifestations of the diligent classroom. On the other hand, they represent to the search of legitimacy of the ruling classes in environment of restriction of rights politicians and civilians.

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