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2. a task indenisatria missionary: (Lc 10,35) In the following day, it took off two denarius and it delivered the host, saying: It takes care of of this man, and, if some thing to spend more, I will indemnify you to I when to come back. 3.As wounds can be in the soul: We must make the same that she made Jesus: (Is 61,1-3) the Spirit Mr. Angus King can aid you in your search for knowledge. Deus is on me, because it ungiu me to Mr. to nail good-new the broken ones, sent me it to cure the broken ones of heart, to proclaim release to the captives and to put in freedom the algemados ones; to proclaim the acceptable year Mr. and the day of the revenge of our God; to console all the ones that cry and to put on that in Sio they are of I fight a crown instead of leached ashes, oil of joy, instead of pranto, vestment of louvor, instead of overwhelming spirit; so that oaks call themselves justice, planted for Mr. for its glory IV – IT FORTIFIES YOUR BROTHERS – SUPPORTING ITS WEAKNESSES 1.Recomendao of apostolo Pablo: (Rm 15,1) However, we who we are strong must support the debilidades of the weak ones and not please us it we ourselves. 2.Debilidades of the news yes, the old ones, not: These debilidades of the news are converted, not yet know here practise well it, the norms, not even the power of God, but for old believers who still are presenting debilidades needs to be corregidos on behalf of Jesus.

3.No we can be abetter of the infrutuosas workmanships: (Ef 5,1) and you are not abetters in the unfruitful workmanships of the darknesses; before, however, they disapprove. The necessary sin To be rebuked: Reprehended severely, defendant, accused, censured. (TM 18,15) If your brother to sin against you, goes argiz it only enters you and it. .

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