The socialization to that they are exposed from the birth takes them to interact first with its familiar surroundings (or first natural school) of will incorporate all a range of attitudes, values and learnings very varied there (from the early knowledge of its maternal language, to developing with greater autonomy). The external variable factors are many and that affect his to happen and future, but are some of them that the parents we can control, and are there where we must act and responsibility quickly, the election of the school is one of them. What aspects and questions we must consider at the time of choosing an educative establishment that it reinforces values instilled in home, that harnesses its abilities and corrects its deficiencies, contain that it and stimulate, etc. Then in first instance we must divide of some questions personal-relatives soon to choose that school. That degree of relevance or importance we give these aspects, among others possible it can value (them from the 1 to the 10 being the 1 smaller rank), will determine the type of establishment wish-looked for and based on that particular profile will be able to be found the school adapted in the radius of the home or the work: a) The language: Bilingual or Trilingual – arrived the case they appear: English, German, Italian) b) the religion: Its denominational character or no, with retirements, catechesis, missions, etc. c) the sport: With own sport field, the sports that practice, the camaraderie, gymnasium with clothes, facilities adapted according to the practiced sport, etc. with that approach. d) the amount of students by hall: Customized education, small work groups favor the contact and the relation educational-student, exists less distractores elements in the learning.

e) Science, the use and application of new technologies: Hall computer science and laboratory of sciences correctly equipped, library and reading room, etc. f) student Interchanges: Trips to other countries by sport practices, cultural interchange, reinforcement of the language, etc. g) gral State of the facilities: Equipment, comfort and infrastructure, scholastic dining room, heating, ventilation, illumination. h) Contact or level of relation scholastic and extra-curricular school-community: Approach with other organizations and companies: courses, to char them, educative exits, NGOs with shared in common-social, ecological, productive aims, etc. i) Existence of psychopedagogical cabinet with professionals full Time and in direct relation to the amount of students. j) Coherence between ideario and the institutional philosophy, its educative project and the concrete reality. Finally some advice to consider before making the definitive decision: Level of proximity to the home, coherent relation offered cost-service, to investigate with other parents on the characteristics of the establishment, not to have left I with the first impression of his facade: page Web, first interview, etc, the schools with time change not to hurry in the election, finally and essentially: to consider precise preferences, particularitities and needs of my hijo/a. To make a right decision in first instance will avoid to future upheavals majors like changes of establishment, wearing downs in interviews with educational, problematic managers and of adaptation, rubbing of pair and difficulties of learning.

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