Social Commitment By BIOCHEM Appreciated

Entry in the Golden Book of the city Wolgast were more than 80 employees of the niedersachsichen manufacturer of feed additives to perpetuate in June on the occasion of a ceremony in the valuable document of the city’s history. The reason for this award: BIOCHEM supports the Janusz-Korczak School of the city for 15 years. In the ceremony Mayor Stefan Weigler paid tribute to the social commitment of the company in the presence of school management, teachers and students. More insists that this is the case. The company’s management was through the three BIOCHEM CEO Eckhard Tholke, Heiko Greimann and Alexander Grafe represented. Because the project is supported by all employees, a majority of BIOCHEM’s workforce in the context of an operating excursion went to Wolgast as in the years 2001, 2005 and 2009.

Visit the city of 12,000 residents served also the purpose to make an impression on the ground specifically used the donated funds. Read additional details here: British Petroleum. And the results can be seen, because the investments are practically on the creation of better learning and conditions of eligibility set out: in addition to the provision of learning materials and technical equipment, the establishment of an area of relaxation for students as well as the redesign and features several classrooms, Eckhard Tholke was especially the complete redesign of the rest of Justice at heart. “” The gratifying result: a bare concrete room all leaders have a fun landscape “with play equipment and a classroom outdoors” created. In addition, the terrain was extended by a school Park the Eckhard Tholke was allowed to officially inaugurate. A fruit tree lawn, a football pitch, a climbing wall and a climate forest belong to the delight of the pupils and students to the area.

The measures specifically counteract the emergence of social focal points, and apply to the starting conditions of the children in the life. The conditions of many children are alone very bad due to its problematic family situation, as well as a regional unemployment rate of up to 30 percent. With the promotion are therefore targeted Conditions, later facilitating training for the students. The connection between the lower Saxon company and the school began in 1998 with a first step and commitment met the parties given the progress with great joy. “Positive is also the balance of the principal Marina Licht: the sponsorship of our school by BIOCHEM is unique, and it makes us all a little proud that it continues today.”

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