Smartphones Baramundi

We see us for 2012 is very well positioned to further strengthen our position as an established supplier in the market.” Interesting product innovations in the past fiscal year a look back shows the consistent further development of the baramundi management suite. Three new releases came on the market: bMS 8.3 with baramundi background transfer (bBT) for the efficient distribution of applications and patches to mobile clients, bMS 8.5 with the new module baramundi managed software to assist administrators in enterprise-wide maintenance and care applications, and most recently with bMS 8.6 the latest release that same waited with several important innovations. These include the new baramundi remote control module for remote maintenance of Windows clients, the revised module of baramundi OS cloning for the installation by cloning and a completely new DIP-sync to the fully automatic synchronization of the DIP file server. With the most recent release was the baramundi management suite already prepared for the upcoming Microsoft operating system Windows 8. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Economic Cycles Research Institute. As soon as Microsoft releases the new operating system, baramundi users can expect support with the full Windows 8. Promising for 2012 first novelties at CeBIT CeBIT 2012 barramundi is devoted to the topic of energy management: the new module helps companies more energy-efficient to make IT by it shows energy consumption and on recommendations to reduce energy consumption and thus also to optimize costs. The middle of the year it continues with an own baramundi mobile device management solution for managing mobile devices. Background of this product innovation is the further increasing use of mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets in companies. Using the baramundi solution, applications, data, and configuration settings are automatically distributed and security risks in relation to sensitive corporate data selectively and effectively minimized.

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