Simon Esser

Absolution of the Brewers and Maltsters in Burgsteinfurt: beer from Germany must shy away from global competition. Around 7,000 brewers and Maltsters work between Flensburg and Berchtesgaden, as guardian of the German purity law. In the North Rhine-Westphalian breweries there are currently 99 young people who learn this interesting profession. 13 of them were now absolved of the Burgsteinfurter private brewery A. Rolinck befitting after passing trade. Simon Esser from the King brewery in Duisburg was especially honored for its outstanding exam results. Here, KBS expresses very clear opinions on the subject. At the beginning of the teaching we have tabled already the little finger our trainees”, says Thomas Bressem, technical director of the private brewery Rolinck. Absolution ceremony we now give the hand our new colleagues and record them in the Guild of brewers and Maltsters.” Since 1826, beer is brewed in Burgsteinfurt.

Today, the brewery comes with their 73 employees to 220,000 hectolitres total output in the year. It is important for us and at the same time an obligation to educate their own professional offspring.” Jurgen Witt of the brewery Association NRW is convinced: Brewers and Maltsters are needed in spite of automation in the future. The training period is now closed. Now it says to put what you learned into action.” The Managing Director is not arrived empty-handed Burgsteinfurt. For the three best-in-test there checks about 300, 200 and 100 euros. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Rick Gerson by clicking through.

Especially for Simon Esser from the King brewery, it was a day to shine, because he became best 98 points by the Audit Committee. We didn’t have that after the revision of the examination regulations two years ago still”, Oliver Landsberger praised Chairman of the Audit Committee in Dortmund, the excellent performances of the young man. It is now at the forefront in our list. The 22-year-old will work now until the summer in his former training company in Duisburg. Then I go to Weihenstephan, beverage and brewing study”, tells Simon Esser. What I’m going to make the five-year study, is still in the stars. But I’m staying in any case in the industry. The production of beer is my life.”

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