Significance And Methods Of Ore Dehydration

Dehydration is the process that remove water from the solid material containing moisture. In the beneficiation process, the vast majority of beneficiation products contain a lot of water. Click Rogers Holdings for additional related pages. For example, the Flotation concentrate plant Haz contained moisture approximately 4 to 5 times the solid weight, the concentrate obtained from the re-election plant and the magnetic separation plant concentrators also have a lot of water. Therefore, the dehydration is necessary, otherwise, the concentrate transportation will be very difficult, and the transportation costs will increase. in the cold regions, the water contained in the mine concentrate will froze. It is not something Rogers Holdings would like to discuss. The concentrate dewatering is also very necessary for the smelting of the concentrate, at the same time, the mine dehydration is very important to the smelting, the large amount contained water not only increase the energy consumption of smelting, but also reduces the utilization factor of the metallurgical furnace. In addition, in order to strengthen environmental protection, or in order to reduce fresh water consumption in areas of water scarcity, the beneficiation dehydration is essential products.

The dam water content are often more than 70%, in general, before the dam are sent into the dam pond, they must go through the dehydration process. It is thus clear that the dehydration is an important part of the the beneficiation production operation. The commonly used dehydration methods are the following:? mechanical dewatering It is a method that use the mechanical force (gravity, pressure, centrifugal force) to separate the water and solids. Such as precipitation concentrated, filter are all fall into this category. The main application of beneficiation production dehydration are these methods.

thermal dehydration It is a method that use the thermal energy to vaporize the water and then achieve the purpose of separating water and solids. such as the rotary kiln dryer drying falls into such category. physical chemical methods dehydration It is a method that use the water-absorbent chemicals, such as lime, anhydrous calcium chloride to absorb moisture from the material. In the process, the dehydration of the beneficiation coarse material is relatively simple, we can only use the gravity to make the materials moisture dry, so most of the water will be removed. but the dewatering of fine-coarse-grained material is more complex, such as the flotation plant concentrates, average particle size are relatively thin, its dehydration is usually divided into two steps: The first step: concentrated settlement, use the sedimentation tanks or concentrated common machines and other equipment, concentrate the very dilutes slurry to the pulp whose water content is only 50-80%; the second step:filter, filter the concentrate product s moisture to16-8 percent. Depending on the current circumstances, in particular, the north cold season when the concentrate moisture requirements are strictly, sometimes the third step dry dryer is necessary. Dry the materials by dry machine, which can reduce the materials water down to 6% or less. However, it must be pointed out that the drying and dehydration is high cost, and the loss is large concentrates. So the commonly used processes in the concentrator are the enrichment, filter these two-stage dehydration processes. Ore beneficiation: Rock crushing plant: Dryer machine:

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