Shield Weapons

This has led to the shields called "weapons" are related with the genealogies, most of the mythical times, those who lived the wars as a realization of their potential and as the craft best suited to his temperament. Sword: A symbol of the axis (active) as opposed to the glasses (passive), assimilated to the spear and pike. It highlights the double edged sword, as in the case of the double-edged ax Druid, Warrior emblem of power, its manufacture involves the knowledge of iron and therefore science Metal and metal. As the coarse and the scepter, is power. VIII The letter relates to the rigor of justice. Skeleton: The skeleton, or the body stripped of its flesh, is obviously treated death and the harvest that this practice continued. Bones are the structure of human beings and also expressed its most substantial and material.

Star: In the secret number XVII called The Star or The Star, precisely, are seven forms stars in the sky, surrounding a larger and radiatura double of 16 points, with its center a total of 17 possibilities, which corresponds to the number of the letter. Man has always looked to the sky as a reference point and as a guide to their own concerns and needs. Astros, fixed stars and constellations in the sky describes a history and geography synthetic adventures of gods and heroes, and countless animal and human forms of which are their respective daughters on earth. The fixed stars by its own characteristics, as well as precession of the equinoxes, are taken as the most stable modules in the universal creation, not so fast and changing the terms of the planets very similar to life on earth and man.

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