Segmentation Work

One transferred of the integration in function of the necessities and demands the capacity and abilities that the individuals must acquire in the educational market to have better positions in the work market. We see an intense requirement of qualification to occupy the existing ranks of job. This requirement selects the workers and makes with that the individuals feel themselves responsible for its situation of unemployed, and thus, they appeal to the professionalization. The education for the work again is placed at the hands of the workers, but in this context it is had as essential for the development of the capitalist system. The education that in the past was considered form of social mobility, today is had as only possibility of empregabilidade, that is, the workers must be apt to the new project of development. Although it does not have job for all; the empregabilidade of the individuals must be in high, therefore bigger qualifications are requested in the work ranks and the individuals must adjust themselves to the requirements of the market.

In short, this new condition imposed to worker makes responsible proper for its not the insertion in the work market. The increase in the escolaridade level occurs together with the precarizao of the job, with the wage degradation, masks the structural unemployment and evidence the competition for formal jobs. This speech of preparation for the empregabilidade comes to justify the social exclusion and the segmentation of the work market. The excluded population if convinces that the problem is not in the capitalist system, but yes in the people who do not insert themselves in it. The current events evidence the conditions of the work; the precarizao, the wage degradation, the social deprivations of rights and benefits, at last, the changes are negative for the employees and are still worse for whom they do not obtain to be included in the market.

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