Secure Investment

Information of Vetter & partners real estate demand for safe, sturdy monetary assets has risen in the face of the international financial crisis. Profitability and long-term rental are important criteria for real estate investment. “The product yield 50 plus” by cousin & partners real estate a meaningful and profitable investment in the future market of the Seniorenimmobilen offers investors. Senior appropriate condos with matching infrastructure and variable service portfolio are the future of the real estate market, because demographic change changed the housing market: in Germany are already over 16 million people 65 years and older. The most reliable tenants at all include the age 50 plus with their above-average payment morale. A long-term housing demand is ensured by the growing number of retirees and increased life expectancy. But senior citizens residential real estate are already scarce.

Vetter & partner responds to the scarce supply of senior-friendly real estate “Housing and sites with the trend-setting product yield 50 plus”: the attractive new condominiums with modern facilities and elegant ambiance are all in prime locations in the Rhine-main area. Personal attention and customized care services can be arranged upon request. Again moving is therefore usually not necessary. The condos are fully equipped, which is important in the age: ground level showers, electric shutters, large balconies/conservatories, stages free and wheelchair floor plans and elevators from the parking garage up in each floor of the House. Spacious common areas, library, fireplace, Spa and guest suites for visitors to significantly increase the standard of living and offer the possibility of diverse social contacts. An ideal infrastructure with short paths for all things everyday rounds yield 50 plus the living concept”from. Vetter & partner marketed over 20 years real estate based in Dreieich high-quality residential properties in selected locations in the Rhine-main area. The company is known for its sophisticated concepts in the area of housing for senior citizens. Customer consultants are all experienced banking and real estate merchants.

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