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Another one of the tendencies is to group by consumption situations: for example, that the fine wine is next to cheeses or foods that they mariden with the drink. Or, in the case of products for baby, who the mother finds in a same place the diapers, chupetes, small cars for babies, milk, foods and even the clothing. The Category Management considers questions like the standardization of the format, or the segmentation of the premises. It is considered which is the type of family at issue (it can be numerous, of only one or two members or the prototype of the Dinks – double income not kids, double entrance without children), the spending power and the competitive profile. Experts In order to organize the beginning of the system, retailers names a captain of category, person in charge to recommend and to arm the gondola, from a deep knowledge of the product category that handles and of the dynamics of the point of sale. This person generally belongs to the mark that leads the category and the idea is that win is fulfilled to win: that all the marks win. The category becomes more tempting and the impulse is motivated, touching to the consumption.

How we buy? Studies exist that assure that there are certain locations of the products that facilitate the purchase: the most privileged they are the gondola toes, that are located in the beginning of the street of the family of the product and face the sense of transit of the public. The height of the eyes of the consumer is of 1.60 meters and tends to watch first the right, therefore that is the required location more. The areas are divided in area client, who is the location that generates more sales: between the eyes and the waist; the lukewarm area is above of the eyes until the reach of the hand and below the waist until half of the thigh. The cold area is above of the eyes, of the comfortable reach of the hand and half of the thigh until the floor. On the other hand, also categories hotter exist than they are the products of purchase planned like milk, eggs, and foods of first necessity. Other products, colder and than leave the list of purchases are most difficult to sell and need a greater strategy of exhibition. It is why some chains begin the route by that type of products.

Automatic order The Category Management mainly is in force under the computer science system EDI (Electronic Data Interchange, Electronic Interchange of Data) with which stays all the connected information system: the chain knows for sure how much and what it sold and it transfers this information to him to the supplier, and the order is made automatically, by via electronics. The chains are investing many resources in developments of data bases of their clients, with registry of whom they are his consumers, whereupon frequency acquires tal o cual product. This type of information is vitally important to obtain a still greater development of the Category Management and that can be applied not only in the great chains. This is a great opportunity to reach substantial improvements in the businesses through the totality of the chain of value, contemplating to the distributors, the suppliers and to the clients. By Nstor Daro Ahuad and Robust Horacio Trade Technologies marketing, special for Infobrand Original author and source of the article.

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