Retail Property Space

Baptist (the premises – only for sale) BC on the corner Herzen Str. May Day (space – for rent, 650 per sqm p) Sale of large office buildings is rarely performed, although the rise buildings with a focus on office space. The cost of the primary transaction, as a rule, were not disclosed. However, due to a marked feature of the market forming office space, it is believed that the cost of the purchase price is dictated mainly secondary housing market. The greatest demand is for office space to 100 sq.m. In terms of paid services per capita, both cities are already at the level of Russian millionaire. In this regard, and in Vologda, Cherepovets, and should expect business boom of real estate. Vologda Retail Property commercial real estate sector of the city formed the following sources: Major retail facilities; rooms on the first floor of residential buildings, as well as a built-on areas; Markets.

Large Commercial Large Commercial operating in Vologda, can be divided into 3 groups: Soviet-built facilities, Business Objects after the reconstruction or reconception; Shopping facilities for new construction. Prominent representatives of the commercial facilities of the old buildings are shop in Vologda "Prague" and "Zum", located on ul. World. The largest of commercial facilities Vologda after reconstruction began shopping "Ray." The five-floor facility with total area of 55,000 square meters. m located at the intersection street.

Leningrad and st. Petina. Building originally built for the plant "Luch". In front of the commercial facility and the courtyard will be located car parks with a total capacity 420 m / seats.

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