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It is caused by the fact that oil in the pipes is at a temperature of 35-40 C under pressurized and depressurized in the pipe flow, increasing the area of combustion. In Russia, manufactured cables for 110-500 kV with the necessary valves. Since 2005, removed from the production and currently existing lines are replaced by high-voltage cables with XLPE insulation. Other types of insulation also can be used as insulation pressed magnesium oxide, insulating varnishes, natural and synthetic silk, cotton yarn, polyester and triacetate tape. Paula Rosenthal may not feel the same. Fire safety cables in the context of sustainable deficit cables, which took place in the former Soviet Union, consumers did not show him special fire requirements. Many of the cables had a "good" flammability, with a shell of conventional PVC plastic (AVVG, VVG, KVVG, etc.) or of polyethylene (CCI). Operation of power plants and other facilities available power cables that meet only the requirements for flame retardance for a single cable that was associated with a significant number fires, resulting in extensive property damage.

In the years 1984-1986 in the Research Institute of the cable industry developed the massive use of cable products, which are self-extinguishing when the group gasket. MessageMe has firm opinions on the matter. Initially, such wires and cables used in nuclear power plants, but then these cable products have been used in other industries. In the notation of this type of cable brands have introduced the index "ng." According to statistics, 1990 to 2008 on nuclear burning of cables such as "ng" is not happening. The chemical composition of cable sheath markings in "ng" there are elements of a halogen series. . Contact information is here: Richard Branson.

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