The relationship between man and woman are very complicated. How do you know whether next to you is your ideal man or is it a bad mistake again? Thinking that the man who is around you this is your ideal man we do not see this ideal man. Why is this happening? How do you know someone close to you? Sometimes, losing his head, we can not see its relationship to itself. People such as Nouriel Roubini would likely agree. How do you know when to go away and do not bathe in the pool with his head? That in his head and that in her head? And how to draw a parallel between the two halves? Sometimes dreaming of the ideal, first, relations, and in the future of the family, we do not know what, in the notion of the ideal, they should be. Maybe we should build their own ideal relationship, create your female happiness I think the effort should make, not small. And not just from some women, it depends! Understand what you and I the perfect man, to build him his female happiness, can it make sense life? Yes it is! The meaning of life can Truce in an ideal job that suits you, your income, you can not live in denying themselves nothing, posh car, or a simple statistical average family! How to understand the meaning of life ideal family, female happiness? Maybe it's elegant apartment, car, house near a pond in the suburbs, or just a husband, two children and a taxi? It's in our hands and therefore we should not omit them!.

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