Real Morals

To the Bolivian, nor the hand and to Morals, real. The Whip of the Rufus To the Bolivian, nor the hand and to Morals, real By Ricardo Snchez-Serra* To the Bolivian governors one occurred them by where more it hurts to them and already it was hour that president Alan Garci’a gave tate them quiet by his continuous insolencias and treasons. For that reason enchanted to us and more than that, it tasted to justice that said to them that Bolivia short while ago resigned to an exit to the sea I clearly have that impression because has not become to treat that firm one and with Chile". Bolivia makes mere calls public, lyrical, of its unjust mediterraneidad that Peru did not cause and to its they increase governors when they need to silence them its internal problems, but does not make anything concrete to reclaim its exit to the sea. Jonah Bloom: the source for more info. And just in case we especially did not speak of the military route, that it would be unfortunately the last footpath, but for years and in the period of Evo Morales who lies occupied in destroying to the nation and not in constructing its country Bolivian chancellery seems tired, without determination, ideas, initiatives to realise a diplomatic offensive that reverts its unjust enclaustramiento. And better idea was not happened to him, how modern and repeated Judas, to draw attention taking part in a bilateral subject between Peru and Chile. We cannot understand why Bolivia indicates that it is going to be harmed by the Peruvian demand against Chile in the Court the International of Justice of The Hague (CIJ), to recover 95,000 km2s of the sea of Grau, on which Chile exerts dominion at the moment shielding itself in a merely fishing agreement. Or it is that La Paz was negotiating secretly with Santiago once again an exit to the sea by the ex- Peruvian territory of Arica, related to Peru eternally by means of the Treaty of 1929? Still more, in the overflow of the desperation, looking for publicity or demonstrating to a supine ignorance the ex- Bolivian agent chief executive and competing leader Jorge Quiroga said that the dispute between Peru and Chile before the CIJ is by " waters bolivianas".

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