First and foremost to educate a dog go to the bathroom, if our dog eat anytime he wants, so will make with your needs around the clock. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jonah Bloom. We must regulate their meal schedules to thereby adjust their schedules of evacuation. Feeding your dog gives you the food on your plate, and leave it for about half an hour, after that time don’t you dish at your fingertips, so you get used to eat at a certain time. A puppy eats between four or five times a day, but a dog already adult eat only twice a day. This implies that we have to control the amount of times we give food to our puppy depending on your age. Then set the schedule, will move to establish the place, so we will identify the place where we want to see our dog needs, as well as, where we also cannot come under any grounds, such as for example the alcove.

If you take account of the time in which your dog does their needs, can take you to the intended area for your bathroom at that hour, that way you will get used to make your needs there. This will prevent accidents when we are starting with the training to teach a dog to go to the bathroom. We’ll leave it there at least half an hour to see his reaction. If the dog is small we can implement the method of the cage, which consists of keeping the puppy in a small pen or cage while you are with us, and take out it every hour to your bathroom, taking him there for a few minutes waiting for your needs there. To teach a dog to go to the bathroom the dog should prefer his bathroom before the cage to their needs, since instinctively dislikes getting dirty in their own den.

During the night, we will have to keep our dog in surveillance for a time until you become accustomed, if it is small will have to take out it at least twice during the night. If your dog has less than six months don’t wait to perfectly control his bladder, it will do so gradually until reaching that age. This is not due to their lack of attention, but that the reason is due to their physiology. There is little a method known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever. If you want to read as I personally I managed to accidentally eliminate tinnitus, you have Click here.

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