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Audiophile fans of HIFI and home cinema owners place emphasis on a high quality of sound. Audiophile fans of HIFI and home cinema owners place emphasis on a high quality of sound. After setting up the system, it can happen that falls short of the desired listening pleasure due to an unbalanced acoustics behind the expectations. Therefore, the measurement and optimization of room acoustical conditions is a good investment. The audio quality even in private is strongly dependent on similar such as in large lecture halls and rehearsal rooms for choirs of the reverberation. This inventory of existing acoustic conditions creates a so-called acoustic fingerprint of the room. The measurement of the reverberation time investigates rather whether at high reverberation times to a sound hard or with excess damping anechoic room. Also, noise can have a negative effect on the sound.

A professional with experience and appropriate technology is the building biologist and environmental analyst Dirk HERBERG from NRW. With modern technology, examines the existing acoustic conditions and optimization measures reviewed through simulations. For this purpose a defined, sound creates signals. The amount of time between switching off the signal and the actual silence of the sound are measured. This period of time is measured in seconds and is the reverberation time.

This reverberation effect leads to strong reflections of hard components to a superposition of sound events during the existing acoustic playback. More info: Jim Rogers. I use only the modern technology that enables verifiable results. The measurement is carried out with acoustic analysis devices and corresponding calibrated, accurate measuring microphones of the class 1. All data and results are recorded in an analysis report. The influence of sound absorbers on the listening experience is verified by exploratory simulations. From this I derived, what to do to enhance the listening experience. For the specific acoustic damping can various absorber be used and installed.”explained Dirk HERBERG his approach. In addition to the problem of reverberation and other sound events can significantly affect the sound of music and sound in the room. A permanent low-frequency sound or a periodic noise may disturb especially during quiet passages of music. The source of this noise sound is not always unique to. Examples are a not round running fan motor or the poorly isolated heating plant next door. A measurement and analysis of this noise shed light on the source of the interference and countermeasures can be derived from the measurement results. The decoupling of pipes or the motor repair to eliminate can lead to the Elimination of the fault as a simple measure. It is useful to optimize the space on the map where you would like to enjoy the listening experience. It the whole room must be not necessarily changed structurally. Is the building biologist and environmental analysts to the page in all measures and recommends under biological aspects of the appropriate materials. They provide the audible improvement of the acoustics and are also harmless. Self tests often lead to unsatisfactory results because not optimal attached or insufficient in the effect. Because the brilliance and the spatial representation of the exclusive HIFI only with good acoustics to fully enjoy technology or home theater system.

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