Now Gradually Grows Together What Belongs Together

Experts discussed convergence trends of corporate communication Berlin – looking under the premise of convergence IT – and the telecoms industry as one sector, significant changes can be now around 40 years and realize both the manufacturer’s website, in the trade for system integrators and users. The telecommunications industry follows these trends with the change from proprietary hardware architecture significantly later than the IT industry to the software solution based on IP networking and SIP interfaces. ‘>CB Richard Ellis to be a useful source of information. The standardization and the strength always dominant position of the software connect with the general trend towards offshoring and technology competition from Asia. Many writers such as John C. Bogle offer more in-depth analysis. The trend established in the IT world of globalization many years ago, first with the production of the hardware components in Asia and then the software development in India, so the same mechanism is now in less time in the converging world of telecommunications. What consequences this has for the future, discussed ITK experts at a roundtable discussion of the Professional service portel and the magazine of NeueNachricht. The change in the telecommunications industry will be significantly faster than was the case in the past.

At the moment, the companies are still in the discovery phase. There are companies that are changing the market, I count also the Aastra, but there is nothing so firmly attached as before. The telecommunications industry has been working for many years according to set rules and was quite static. It dissolves\”, said Andreas Lady, Germany head of Aastra. es. Telecommunications, which was a standing term for certain services such as telephony or fax, is according to Matthias Roder, managing partner of the consulting firm Detecon, completely crumble in services and network. The latter in terms of access and transport. Things all have to do nothing more. They are detached from each other. In terms of there no longer is the classic PBX.\” Many companies have still no clear strategy according to the expert panel for the convergence of IT and telecommunications.

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