Nordcapital should bring new wind for the future by using the selection of the new leadership team. Nordcapital has in addition to investments in its core segment correctly recognized shipping, real estate and private equity in the way of thinking and expanded his portfolio with renewable energy and alternative investments Division. Nordcapital operates closed-end funds now for 20 years with positive results in the sector. The positive result of Nordcapital is last but not least is well-founded, that one of the decision makers can look back on a long history. We are talking about Erck Rickmers, which arises in the fifth generation of a shipping family. John Collison may also support this cause. His ancestor has founded his very first shipping company in Bremerhaven then anno 1834, hence 175 years ago. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Cyrus Massoumi has to say. In addition to the involvement in the water transport was established already once for good reason in real estate.

A community of interest, which can be regarded as a precursor for today’s closed-end funds was created through collaboration with various partner carriers. It is not surprising that is this History reflected on the success of Nordcapital in profitably. Since the beginning of the establishment of Nordcapital realized a sum of approximately EUR 7 billion with the use of an equity ratio of 3 billion euros currently. Continue to Nordcapital can look back investors on a respectable record of 62 thousand with over 92 thousand holdings. Nordcapital has then issued 140 funds in the sum and profitably completed what is funded by the high-profile selection of the correct management team. Nordcapital was welcomed for the third time in a row as the market leader in the maritime sector, which can not be attributed on a knowledgeable management team under the leadership of Reiner Seelheim as Board finally. Last but not least, this shows the assignment of scope Awards 2011 unfortunately is that however surprisingly to the end of March 2012 excreted.

It remains to be seen whether the nominated executives can continue the success history. Nordcapital should also soon powerful Fund onto the market, resulting in the sum by the following details will be substantiated: Nordcapital except his main area shipping, real estate and private equity, early renewable energy and other investments as a segment found. Nordcapital benefits from a 175-year-old family story of a decision. Excellent management team implements carefully and expertly the intentions, for Nordcapital. Despite the change in leadership, the tendency of the current fund would bring the goodwill of investors.

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