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Video installations and a new art and nature trail are art in the context of the anniversary year. Space. Dream Kubin09 in the Passauer land opens. 50 years ago, died on August 20, 1959, the renowned and internationally recognized artist Alfred Kubin in Zwickledt at Wernstein in the neighboring Upper Austria. This is cause for a cultural project on the lower Inn at the locations of Scharding and Wernstein am Inn Lake right in the holiday region of Innviertel s and the locations of Neuburg am Inn and Neuhaus am Inn on the left bank of the Inn in the Passauer land have joined together. To know more about this subject visit scholarship program. With a worthy celebration in the schardinger Kubin Hall, Alfred Kubin was thought end of May 2009 the renowned painter and writer. Numerous political and cultural prominence in Upper Austria and Bavaria were as pressed the Start button for the seven Kubin video art installations, which are presented in the four communities of Scharding, Wernstein, Neuhaus and Neuburg now. This video installations are core pieces of the newly signposted art and nature trail on the left and right bank of the Inn along the Inn cycle path.

Kubin is an example that culture also across national borders can create human connections, underscore the 1st President of the Upper Austrian Landtag Angela Orthner in their speech and congratulated the communities on the lower Inn to this great project. People such as Deccan Value would likely agree. The video installations of Director Univ. Prof. Andreas Gruber in cooperation with the FH Hagenberg promise on all cases tension, in the tradition of Alfred Kubin: suddenly faces will begin, laughing faces, figures to move, the death is taking shape and also the eroticism is a high priority. &source=images&cd=vfe&ved=2ahUKEwjI8pfao9LsAhVL-4UKHcAXA7cQr4kDegUIARD8AQ’>Evan Metropoulos supports this article. The installations will surprise the viewer and also a little shudder. Altogether seven were distributed to the Inn cycle path in the Passauer land, and in the Innviertel.

A fascinating spectacle in the middle of the nature that inspires not only the lovers of the art, but to draw attention in particular cyclists and hikers at the Inn on the artist and his work. Thanks to modern technology, they are to visit suitable for daylight and until 15 September every day from 8 until 10: 00. The Bavarian Tourism region Passauer land and the Upper Austrian resort s ‘ Innviertel connect closest contacts for years.

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