Navojoa City

In 1593 captain Diego Martinez de Hurdaide it conquered and Pacific to Mays, incorporating them to the Spanish colonial regime. The foundation of Navojoa dates from 1825, when the city council along with the State of the West is constituted; such structure is defined within the framework of the culmination of the independence war. From 1610 one begins the evangelisation and the administration of the missionaries Jesuits. In the missionary system Jesuit, Navojoa was mission town, having as places of visit to San Ignacio de Cohuirimpo, Masiaca and Camoyoa. Camoa was also town of mission with place of visit of San Ignacio de Tesia. With regards the civil government, the towns Mays depended during the colony of the greater mayorship of the party of Poplars, that belonged to the province of Sinaloa. Its first city council was named with base in the Constitution of the State of the West in 1825.

When being divided the Sinaloa and Sonora states in 1831, the region of May happened to comprise of the State of Sonant along with the party of Poplars. After 1857 they were municipalities towns of Camoa, Cohuirimpo, Masiaca, Navojoa and Tesia, assigned to the district of Poplars until 1917. These municipalities were disappearing and integrated to the municipality of Navojoa in the first decade of century XX. The municipal head was located originally in the left margin of the river May in which today it is known like Town Viejo or Old Navojoa. The present city of Navojoa had its origin in the station of the constructed sudpacfico railroad in 1907, near the old town. In December of 1914, as a result of that Old Navojoa was dragged by a flood of the river May, the majority of the population moved to contiguous lands to the station. The 17 of December of 1917, the legislature authorized the change of head of Old Town to the town that had formed next to the station. By decree of the 6 of 1923 July, the category of city was granted to him.

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