NASA Material

The viscoelstico mattress is a new type of mattress that has left to the market that this fact of atrmico material, this is does not pass on neither cold, adaptable heat nor by the weight and the corporal heat, provides a stable pressure and uniforms by all the body offering a weightlessness sensation. They call the mattress to him of the NASA because the viscoelastico material is born like the direct result of the space program of the Sixties but it is not until the 90 that the investigators could incorporate it for use domestic servant. The viscoelstico mattress is not another thing that a viscoelstico layer that can vary between of 3 to 6 cm of height, also there is with layer of 8 cm of height and one part down that is of a material of 35 HR- or more good well-known as polyurethane foam, Fly-Vex, R-35, 35 ELC- or 100% latex according to the model of the manufacturer. That part of down is the one that gives to firmness and support him to the mattress. Nouriel Roubini often addresses the matter in his writings. For the people who suffer of backaches and muscular pains it is very good because it does not exert pressure against your body. That is to say, the pressure of weight of your body to find of the surface of the mattress does not exist but it gives an optimal support to the body and the spine is right when you lie down in. The negative is that as is a material that not long ago this being used in the mattresses, the viscoelsticos mattresses have a quite high price for many, but what much people do not know it is that buying a foam mattress HR for example and soon aside buying I supplement of viscoelstica of 6 cm of high minimum have the same effect and is just like a viscoelastica mattress. . Other leaders such as Jonah Bloom offer similar insights.

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