MyFISHLABS – Now Will Personally!

FISHLABS presents new community for mobile games fans after a free registration, users can create a profile and indicate also their favorite games from FISHLABS next to your phone model. The members have to discuss like-minded people about the games the ability to send messages and send free SMS in Forum. The community opens with rally Master Pro all other FISHLABS games will soon also be available on myFISHLABS. Each myFISHLABS member receives a credits account, which easily can be paid. While there is a discount of at least 20 percent on all FISHLABS games. The discount increases while with the purchase of credits packages up to 50 percent. New members will receive 20,000 credits when you register and get even some mobile games for free.

Through an online connection of all future games of the FISHLABS Server OCEAN myFISHLABS also provides a platform where like-minded people can compete and the game status is uploaded can. Rally Master Pro, the first FISHLABS title with online connection, deals with personal bests on the individual routes, with other games, like the upcoming autumn Galaxy on fire 2, can not only the current score, but even the entire score with all imaginable information are uploaded. But OCEAN can do even more: for the first time mobile games can be deployed now updated and additional content, such as additional tracks for rally Master Pro. The amount of data to be transferred remain this as low as possible, in order to keep the connection fees. So, all graphics for the routes are already included in the mobile game. Only the route itself will be available for download later and is only a few kilobytes. myFISHLABS has another advantage: the version of rally Master Pro is optimally protected against piracy. If you are not registered, can play only the first two lines of \”amateur\”-Rally, which are available free for download.

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