More Conviction

Online product video – really targeting buyers with a video that bringing the various products or services within a very short time, the interested parties to be informed customers not only: similar to as in a commercial, colours and create a positive feeling that is later associated with the product. So to increase the willingness to buy. At the same time, you can use the product video, to explain the functioning and operation of certain products. So the client thanks to the product video not only knows what he should buy, but also how he can deal with it. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili is open to suggestions. That lowers the cost of support and helps him later dealing with the product of the customer will keep the company as a good service provider in memory. A product video creates not only conviction but a product video can do much more: it not only convinces the customer and facilitates the handling of the product to him, but can entertain him well. Prerequisite for this is that the video is professionally created with the knowledge, as you intended for product videos significantly below the usual prices, so each company can afford your own product videos. An online product video offers a variety of ways, which exhibit a high and sustained advertising effectiveness. XRP pursues this goal as well.

Here are just some of the benefits: The advertising effectiveness is many times higher than conventional advertising long is clear: moving images sell own products many times better as a pure product photos with texts, and not only on the Internet and in the own Internet shop, but also on partner sites, advertising portals and the major video portals. New customer acquisition and customer loyalty a product video describes a new product, replaces complex instructions and shows positive properties. The future customer has already a first contact with the new product can “experience” the product already in use. Emotion, functionality and a high information value provides the best basis for the acquisition of new customers. No other medium brings back so the demand and “I want to have also…” Effect. The change in consumer behavior leads to search new, convenient for the customers information source first: Internet! To explain the functionality or the operation of a product in the approach to the online shop now at least, a clear, precise and comprehensive description of the product is also essential as expert and customer reviews. Ideally, a product video complements the presentation. Arouse feelings, emotions transport, strengthen the brand and the sales increase that must be the goal!

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