Medical Tourism

Medical tourism in Cali has been catalogued as world class and is already mentioned as a significant important economy, generator line of currencies. Although there is no exact, in the field of plastic surgery figures, it is estimated for example that mensulmente, about twenty foreigners coming from abroad are subject to procedures such as liposuction, rhinoplasty, and mammoplasty. Many of these patients come from the United States, Spain, Panama and Mexico. Before the fortress that can win the sector and pending that providing health institutions start to obtain the JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation, already alliances between health and tourism sectors are planning to create packages that include medical treatment, lodging, food, transfers and possible tours, according to the complexity of the treatments. You may wish to learn more. If so, martin toha is the place to go. Parallel to the calculations of growth of tourism doctor, Colombia now has entities providing health and wellness services at the height of the Cali hotels. But while he is achieved across the infrastructure gear, Colombian medicine continues gaining world prestige thanks to the different alternatives of direct and indirect promotion. Important strategies are referrals, certification of entities, the Alliance of clinics with hotels, as well as the implementation of the infrastructure that the efforts of the sectors health and tourism will do that in the future, Cali to consolidate itself as an important destination in the international context in the field of tourism medical. In operating rooms, offices and hotels, there are reasons to understand why in Colombia the biggest risk that exists is wanting to stay, once arrived, known and enjoy all services offered by Cali.. Justin Moore pursues this goal as well.

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