AY a sausage sandwich! We do not know what they can do. Disturb the peace of the city. And they get crazy, they cry, jump, threaten every living creature and journalists morbo seek them take pictures. What they want is attention. Others including Uber, offer their opinions as well. Mr. V.

There is to be stopped in its tracks. MARGARET: We do what we can. Do not worry, we will end with them. It will be quiet, I assure you. Mr. V. : I like to hear you talk like that.

(Margarito looks into his eyes and then to Naples) Naples: Uuuuuummmm, is (referring to Mr. V.) the benefactor of the city. The material of the city. An advisor. A political strategist of the city. Mr. V. : (A Margarito) You and I are going to see very well. (He puts his hand on the shoulder Margarito). NAPLES: (Sitting in his armchair) Margarito, I appointed you head of the order citizen because I knew I can count on you in difficult times. Whenever we played the cards he cheated and I liked it, because in this life you have to have ambition to reach the top, like me. Of course not, you are all that I did not have my destination. (Mr. V. cough). Always accomplished with the help of the gods. (Mr. V. struts). MAGARITO: I never cheat in the game letters, it was simply a strategy. Mr. V. : In the table and the game is known to the gentleman. SECRETARY: Powerful gentleman, yes sir. Mr. V. : And in order to remain strong we must begin with the strategy. MARGARET: At your service (hello Mr. V. with the fingertips of his right hand in the corresponding temple) Naples: AEL Mayor’s me!. It is I who gives the orders. MARGARET:

Of course, Mr. Mayor. At your service, always at your service. (Does the same greeting to Naples) Naples: Those radical actions of a band of fanatics can I remove votes for the upcoming elections and are working long and hard for the city. Many people naively falling into the networks of that gang. Rebeldes without cause! SECRETARY: I vote know they have it. Aviva Mayor!. (She shouts with enthusiasm. Silence) Please respond, now low, our mayor needs moral support, raise the spirits, we must give our thrust. So come on, do not be dull. Aviva Mayor! Mr. V. : Y MARGARET: (Reluctantly) Viva, viva, viva. NAPLES: Thanks, thanks, but the important thing is to solve the problem that has arisen with this pack of madmen, communists, radical democrats and separatists. SECRETARY: The separatist will support you. NAPLES: I do not mean those who know how to separate the political life of their business, pay them and vote. But these sindicaluchos and ecologetas that separate people from their rulers. Make people see this institution as it is not. The mayor represents the city’s honesty, nobility and does what he has to do, but do not understand some (doubt) SECRETARY: Any and all?. NAPLES: No, no, only a few. Do not read the press and swallow the hoaxes that shoddy Lansana those poets. Yes I am a poet and not them. I look at the sky and what do I see?. Not a cloud or stars, but a plane and, if possible, also a skyscraper. That is poetry and everything else nonsense. SECRETARY: A great poet said that poetry is you.

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