Managing A Pregnancy

Pregnancy – a natural process, but requires careful medical supervision in order to maintain the health of the woman and the birth of a healthy baby. Our center offers a full range of services to individual management pregnancy before 36 weeks gestation with the issuance of the exchange cards, registration of prenatal and postnatal leave, entering into a contract with a maternity home in Moscow. Dear future mom and dad! We dream of that our focus was a loyal friend and adviser to every house, which suffered a great joy – to wait for the baby. Management of Pregnancy – a comprehensive program for monitoring a pregnant woman to her personal physician, which includes a multiple surveys and timely correction of any violations in pregnant. The main task of any program of pregnancy is to prevent the possible pathologies and diseases during gestation, which may harm the health of women and children, and, ultimately, the birth of a healthy baby.

Highly skilled obstetricians will understand in your problems, make an individual plan of pregnancy. You're assured of attentive staff, a choice of doctor, the European system of screening for hereditary diseases of the fetus, the modern equipment, disposable instruments, the absence of queues. Here you can consult a geneticist to genetic research, to pass the required tests, at your service – laboratory diagnostics in full. CTG – cardiometry fetus. When need to be made not only the usual ultrasound during pregnancy, but fetometry fruit (used for diagnosis of fetal development), assessment of uteroplacental circulation. We will help you choose the best maternity hospital in Moscow, for the birth of your child, will control your stay in it. Throughout pregnancy, you will feel our care and attention. Here you will find answers to all questions related to your health, during and after pregnancy, and the health of the unborn child. Reception and consultation gynecologist at the centers carried out at a convenient time for you. You will be able to issue our prenatal and postnatal leave. Friendliness and comfort, peace and quiet – all you can find in our medical centers.

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